El Paso Lightning Basketball

2014 El Paso Lightning Raffle June 7, 2014

Get your 2014 El Paso Lightning Raffle tickets for $3.00 each.  This years prizes includes:

1st prize-$2,800 White Gold Heart Necklace from Johnson Jewelers 

2nd prize-$500 Gift Card donated by Health Masters

3rd prize - Olympus Digital Camera

5 other prizes.  


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2nd Annual El Paso Lightning Golf Tournament Was A Success

The 2nd Annual El Paso Lightning golf tournament was a success.  We had 72 golfers play the beautiful Butterfield golf course.  The weather was perfect.  We look forward to next years tournament.  We would like to thank all who participated and all our sponsors.  

El Paso Lightning Basketball Club

The El Paso Lightning Basketball Club is a new concept in youth basketball in the city of El Paso.  We have been in existence for eight years and are a 501(c) (3) certified non profit organization. We coach and mentor 4-6 teams per year of youth from ages 12-17. We have made it our mission to teach talented El Paso youth not only the fundamentals of the game of basketball but also wellness, self confidence and valuable life skills.  As a “needs blind” organization, we welcome players from all walks of life, from all over the greater El Paso Area regardless of their ability to afford to play on a select team. Many of our players can not afford team dues or the cost of equipment and travel. Thus, this is an enormous undertaking that requires extensive fundraising and community sponsorship. And although our vision frequently exceeds our resources, we only require that our youth are mindful, respectful, and passionate and come with solid work ethics. Most importantly, we stress academics as it is tantamount to their success.

Our youth participate in local city leagues and travel for regional and national competition and exposure.  As such, they have had phenomenal competitive, cultural and educational experiences that will undoubtedly shape their growth and maturation for some time to come. Club basketball is a very labor and time intensive endeavor for coaches, players and parents but the potential rewards are great. The Lightning organization promotes and fosters family values and expects from our youth all of the attributes that will lead to success in life…commitment, confidence, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork and compassion. In so doing we also promote global wellness. Our ultimate aspiration is that each youth who participates in our program will advance to college, hopefully with a scholarship. Or Club motto is, Don’t just be good, be better, something that our players can take and keep with them for the rest of their lives.


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